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Dancer, striptease dancer job

Job position: 27-2031.00 - dancers, job for striptease dancers Location: Country: Belgium Region: Flemish Region City: Antwerp

Employment type: Full-time , 40 hours per week

Experience requirements: "KUKLAdance" agency is open for girls with no experience, who want to be strippers, topless dancers or image girls.

Desired Skills: English language and a desire to work.

High-class nightclub invites confident and loving dance girls to work as striptease dancers. This club is favorite among clients due to its very stylish, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The nightclub is located in the second largest Belgian city of Antwerp, which is the country's main business center and one of the largest ports in the world with its never-ending nightlife. Antwerp is also famous as the center of fashionable clothes and design. This is the multicolored city that will mesmerize you with its culture and beauty.

Working hours:

The club works 22:00-06:00 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 22:00-08:00 on Friday, 23:00-08:00 on Saturday, 23:00-07:00 on Sunday. The dancer works at least 5 evenings per week.

Stage performances:

The dancer performs 6-8 topless stage performances in one evening.


The club pays a fixed salary of €60 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
The club guarantees the minimum salary of €80 for an evening on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
“Guaranteed salary“ means - if the strip dancer earns only €50 from drinks and dancing during the evening, in that case the strip club pays the €30 difference to guaranteed sum of €80 in order to reach at least minimum guarantees salary. If the strip dancer earns €100 from drinks and dancing during the evening, then her salary will be €100.
The dancer receives €15 for one private topless (no strip) dance. She receives €35 for every 5th private topless dance during the evening.
The dancer receives €40 when someone purchases Moet Brut, €80 - for Moet Rose, €160 - for Moet Magnum.
Tips on stage, if clients give real money, dancers must have to change them to the waitress into house dollars - 1 bill of house dollar is 2 euro. Tips on the stage are paid every morning and the rest of the money (fixed salary, guarantee salary, private dances and drinks) are paid by the end of the contract.

The appearance and clothing of the dancer:

The dancer must look attractive and sexy; she must wear elegant evening and cocktail dresses, high-heeled shoes, good make-up, well-groomed nails, pedicure.


The club provides apartments with all amenities (internet, home appliances). The price of rent: €10/working day. The dancer must pay €50 deposit for the apartment which will be returned to her at the end of the contract.

Travel expenses:

Dancers must pay their travel expenses themselves.

Contract duration:

The minimum duration of the contract is one month.

Additional information:

The club has strict policy against intimate services and the use of psychotropic substances. According to the Belgium legislation, the dancer must pay €140 fee for the management of documents required for working in the club. All dancers will receive from the Belgian social security, what is called in Belgium holiday’s money, the amount will be calculate on how many days the dancer had worked in the year in Belgium.
All dancers will end contracts in the week days (never on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays).
Dancers have 3 days to decide if they will stay or not, after that if the dancer stops her contract before the end of term, there will be a cancelation penalty charge to the dancer minimum €300.

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