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Dancer, striptease dancer job

Job position: 27-2031.00 - dancers, job for striptease dancers Location: Country: Denmark Region: Hovedstaden City: Copenhagen

Employment type: Full-time , 40 hours per week

Experience requirements: "KUKLAdance" agency is open for girls with no experience, who want to be strippers, topless dancers or image girls.

Desired Skills: English language and a desire to work.

The nightclub, situated in the Danish capital Copenhagen attracts customers with its cozy and modern environment. The club, working already 30 years is surrounded by 4 and 5-star hotels and three years ago, new owners of this club have made it more attractive for local residents and visitors of the city. The club invites you to join its friendly staff and offers a job for strippers. The preference is given to only the professional dancers, but also brave, communicative and self-confident girls who do not have an experience in the dance field. The club provides accommodation in a 3-star hotel in the city center close to the club; the club also prepares all the necessary documents for an employment.

Working hours:

Tuesday – Saturday 21:00 – 06:00

Stage performances:

Stage shows are performed in the club (the duration of one stage performance lasts 2 songs, the full nudity is shown at the end of the second song). The dancer fulfills 2 – 6 stage shows during the work evening.


Earnings of one working evening are counted from €32 (250 DKK) to €65 (500 DKK). Earnings depend on work results, i.e. if the dancer earns more than €805 (6.000 DKK) from drinks and private dances during five working evenings, then the earnings of one working evening are €65 (500 DKK). If the dancer earns less than €805 (6.000 DKK) from drinks and private dances, then the earnings for one working evening make €32 (250 DKK).
Salary for dances:
Private dance (1 song) – €20, private dance (2 songs) – €33, private dance (3 songs) – €45, private dance V.I.P. – €65 + 15 % from drinks, private dance V.I.P. (2 girls) – €65 each dancer + 15 % from drinks (half and half). During shows all tips are shared with the club 50/50.
Salary from drinks:
Earnings from ordered drinks make 15-20% of drink price. 15% commissions are received when the price of the bottle is up to €1.335, 17% are received when the bottle of drink costs up to €9335 and 20% are received if the bottle costs more than €9335. The price of champagne’s bottle ranges from €235 to €18.000.

Dancer’s appearance and outfit:

During shows it is necessary to dress up in short or long elegant dresses, high heels and accessories. The dancer should look attractively and tidily – beautiful hair, done manicure.


All the dancers are accommodated in 3 star hotel (microwave oven and refrigerator are included additionally), located in city centre (5 minutes on foot from club). One day costs €23.

Travel expenses:

Dancers must pay their travel expenses themselves.

Contract duration:

Minimum duration of the contract is 2 weeks, with the possibility to extend it.

Additional club conditions:

In the Kingdom of Denmark stands national taxation on all income. The performer must pay 12% of her income to the state. If the salary is more than 50.000 DKK (~ €6.718 ), 45% of tax is paid. In these conditions all the prices and earnings are indicated in Euros according to present exchange rate €1 is 7,44 DKK.

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