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Dancer, striptease dancer job

Job position: 27-2031.00 - dancers, job for striptease dancers Location: Country: Germany Region: Upper Bavaria City: Munich

Employment type: Full-time , 40 hours per week

Experience requirements: "KUKLAdance" agency is open for girls with no experience, who want to be strippers, topless dancers or image girls.

Desired Skills: English language and a desire to work.

Very stylish and luxuriously equipped club in Munich invites nice and adventurous girls to work as strippers and offers to join the excellent dancers team of the club and friendly staff. The nightclub offers a very good working conditions and competitive salary, helps to arrange employment documents and provides girls with nicely furnished apartments. This exclusive nightclub in Germany is famous for their beautiful dancers, so the club sets high standards for each new girl. Club’s cozy and relaxing environment constantly attracts a vast flow of customers.

Working hours:

Fridays – Saturdays 21:00-08:00. Sundays – Wednesdays 21:00-05:00. Thursdays 21:00-07:00.
Thursdays – Saturdays: dancers work in shifts, so they do not have to work full time, unless they want to.
A dancer works minimum four days per week.

Stage performances:

The dancer performs fully naked every two hours (depending on the crowd in the club). The duration of one performance is 2 songs.


The dancer receives a fixed salary of €50 for one working evening. Tips received by a dancer are exchanged to club‘s „Dollar tips“. One “Dollar tips” is €1; a dancer gets 50% from collected „Dollar tips“. The payment for dances and drinks and fixed payment is paid to the dancer daily.
Salary for dances:
Private dance (6 min; getting fully naked) costs €50 for a client; a dancer receives €25.
Salary from drinks:
The dancer receives 25% from sold drinks, if a client pays by card and 30% if a client pays in cash. The prices of champagne are from €230 (Moet 0.7 ml).

Dancer’s appearance and outfit:

The dancer must look attractive and elegant (sexy underwear, accessories, nice manicure and pedicure).


Dancers are provided with fully furnished apartments (tidy kitchen, 2 bathrooms, Internet and international TV) 2 km away from the club (10 minutes by a bus). One room is shared by 2 or 4 dancers. The rental price on working days – €10 (deducted from salary) and on days off – for free.

Travel expenses:

Dancers must pay their travel expenses themselves.

Contract duration:

Contract duration is unlimited.

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