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Dancer, striptease dancer job

Job position: 27-2031.00 - dancers, job for striptease dancers Location: Country: Germany Region: Upper Bavaria City: Munich

Employment type: Full-time , 40 hours per week

Experience requirements: "KUKLAdance" agency is open for girls with no experience, who want to be strippers, topless dancers or image girls.

Desired Skills: English language and a desire to work.

Nightclub in the city of Munich, in Germany, which works for 10 years and belongs to the network of night clubs invites charming, confident young women to work as striptease dancers. The club is even found its way to the television and film industry because of the scenes filmed in the club. The club’s environment is very subtle and luxurious. The club provides girls with the apartments with all the amenities (Internet, home appliances) during the period of the contract. Dancers, who wish to work in this club, must have a certificate of individual activity.

Working hours:

Mondays-Wednesdays 20:00-05:00.
Thursdays-Saturdays 20:00-08:00 (two shifts: early 20:00-05:00, late 23:00-08:00).

Stage performances:

The dancer performs stage shows during the work evening. The duration of one stage performance lasts 2 songs and the full nudity is made at the end of the second song.


Fixed salary for one working evening paid is €50. During stage shows dancer collects “Dollar tips” from customers. From one “Dollar tips” dancer gets €0.50.
Salary for dances:
Private dance (10 minutes) – €50. The performer gets €25 for private dance.
Salary from drinks:
Performer receives 30% of the beverage sold in a club.

Dancer’s appearance and dress code:

The dancer’s hair must be neat and tidy, evening make up. The outfit has to be nice and stylish: evening or cocktail dresses, sexy costumes and underwear. Mondays: „white innocence“ the dancer wears what she likes but it has to be white and sexy. Tuesdays: „masquerade style“ – corset, stockings, masks. Wednesdays: sexy/elegant evening or cocktail dresses.


The club provides dancers with apartments with all the facilities (wireless internet, home appliances). Rental price is €10 per 1 day. Dancers must pay a deposit of €150 which is returned at the end of the contract.

Travel expenses:

Dancers must pay their travel expenses themselves.

Contract duration:

Minimum duration of the contract is 2 weeks.

Additional information:

Club is strictly intolerant of intimate communication, private meetings with clients, use of psychotropic substances. A certificate of individual activity is required in order to work in this club.

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