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Dancer, striptease dancer job

Job position: 27-2031.00 - dancers, job for striptease dancers Location: Country: Norway Region: Østlandet City: Oslo

Employment type: Full-time , 40 hours per week

Experience requirements: "KUKLAdance" agency is open for girls with no experience, who want to be strippers, topless dancers or image girls.

Desired Skills: English language and a desire to work.

This nightclub, located in the heart of Oslo just mentioned its 10-year anniversary, famous among customers and invites girls to work as strippers. Girls are provided with high wages and good working conditions. The club pays a guaranteed one- evening work pay, which means that if the girl earns less one working evening, the club pays her the difference. Such a guaranteed payment is offered only by few clubs across Europe! Girls are also provided with free of charge apartments. The club pays the travel expenses from Norway for girls, who have worked for the whole period of the contract. This are a very favorable working conditions for girls and this club is worth to try as well as to visit Oslo- rich city of high standard of living where people are surrounded by well- arranged infrastructure and beautiful nature.

Working hours:

Monday-Sunday 20:00 – 03:30. The dancer works the minimum of six evenings per week.

Stage performances:

The dancer fulfills 7-9 stage shows during working evening. The duration of one performance is 2 songs. The first song she dances in clothes, the second in topless, with complete nudity at the end of the song.


The striptease club guarantees the minimum salary of 600 NOK (~€66) for an evening.
“Guaranteed salary“ means - if the strip dancer earns only 5000 NOK from drinks and dancing during 10 working evenings, in that case the strip club pays the 1000 NOK difference to guaranteed sum of 6000 NOK (600 NOK x 10 days) in order to reach at least minimum guarantees salary. If the strip dancer earns 8000 NOK from drinks and dancing during 10 working evenings, then her salary will be 8000 NOK.
100% of tips given personally for dancers belong to them.
The striptease dancers get the share of 20-25% for the drinks sold.
The price for a bottle of champagne in the strip club starts from 1000 NOK and goes up to 15 000 NOK.
The price for a bottle of wine in the strip club starts from 500 NOK.
The strip dancer will get €15 for every private dance.
The payment for drinks and private dances is paid to the dancer at the end of the contract to the bank account specified by the dancer.
15% from the total amount will be deducted to pay Norwegian taxes.

Dancer’s appearance and outfit:

The dancer should look sexy and attractive, wearing long or short dresses. Nice manicure, pedicure, beautiful hair and even tan are also required.


Dancers are accommodated not far from a club for free in a house with all facilities (home appliances, wireless internet). 2-3 dancers share one room.

Travel expenses:

Dancers must pay their travel expenses themselves.

Contract duration:

Minimum duration of the contract is 2 weeks with the opportunity to extend it additionally for two weeks.

Important information:

If necessary, the club can give a credit to cover subsistence needs and other necessary expenses. Under Norwegian law, the club at the end of contract will have to deduct 15% tax of all the dancer’s earnings. To communicate and meet with clients out of work hours is prohibited. If this rule is violated the club terminates the contract and dancer has to return to her own country within 2 days. In this case, travel expenses are not covered by the club.

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