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"KUKLAdance" dance agency cooperating with trusted, good reputed and popular striptease night clubs. We offering the best strip dance job offers satisfying every girl’s needs in those strip dance nightclubs across Europe. We offer job positions of striptease, topless dancers and hostess!
"KUKLAdance" agency guarantees safety, legal work, good and timely salary, accommodation, all social guarantees and the invaluable experience in the best strip dance night clubs!

Strippers job

This is a great opportunity not only to work and earn, but also to travel and have a good time visiting many news places and meeting new and interesting people. Priority is, of course, always is given for experienced girls. But if you do not have a similar work experience, we always can offer you a club for your new job and for gaining such an experience in order to provide you with the well paid job for strip dancers in our agency.
The main requirements for girls willing to work as strippers in our agency are a good physical features, age, good English and of course the desire to work!

Hostess job

Hostess job - is to use their charm and charisma and friendly communicate, flirt and dance with club clients, in order to make them buy the best drinks in the club for hostess.
The main requirements for girls willing to work as hostess in our agency are: a good physical features, age, fluent English and communication skills. If a girl speaks more than one foreign language – it is a definite and huge advantage in order to work as hostess and make greater money.
It is important to be willing and be able to communicate, because the main duty of hostess is to interact with the guests of the club, and not only represent appearance. We prefer girls with a similar experience, but charming and charismatic girls are always welcome!


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"KUKLAdance" – recruitment agency, offering optimal job offers for striptease, topless dancers and hostess!

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