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Fixed salary is €50 per day, Only 4 working days per week! 50% commissions for private dances and 30% commissions from drinks! 50% commissions from „Dollar tips“, Salary is paid daily, An open-ended contract duration!

The club located in the centre of Oslo attracts clients for its stylish and luxurious interior and comfortable environment. The club invites girls to join their team and offers a strip dancer‘s job. A dancer receives the guaranteed salary of 400 NOK (about €50), 20-30% from sold drinks, 30-40% from private dances and 100% of collected tips.

A stylish and modern night club in Vienna is inviting charming girls to work as striptease dancers. The club is located at the very centre of the capital of Austria, Vienna, in one of the most beautiful parts of the city. The club is very spacious, it hosts various events and it is thus very famous among club visitors and city guests.

The club is very spacious and a large stage allows every dancer to feel like a queen. The club pays a dancer a fixed salary of €50 for one working evening and 40 % from sold drinks or 70 % from sold drinks without fixed salary. The club provides dancers with the apartments near the club.

In collaboration with a visitor’s favourite night club in Ireland, “KUKLAdance” agency is inviting playful girls to work as striptease dancers. The club is located in the second largest Irish resort town Cork. It is a big port which is a favourite place frequently visited by tourists and holidaymakers.

Stylish, high class club in Copenhagen invites charismatic, energetic, communicative girls, who loves a taste of champagne to work as a strippers/image girls. The club is particularly popular among the high social class customers, so it is crucial that every client would be greeted with a girl’s look, smile and attention.

Modern and spacious club, located in mountainous Switzerland is looking for adventurous girls who want to strip. This is one of the few clubs in Geneva, which strictly forbids any intimate services. Club ensures the best work conditions and great working atmosphere.

International night clubs’ network "PACHA" club in Switzerland invites attractive GO-GO dancers. The dancer receives a fixed salary of €100 for every evening she works; it is paid every week. The dancer performs 5-6 stage performances during one working evening; the duration of one performance is 15 minutes.

A very popular and well-known club in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, has a job offer for young women who want to work as striptease dancers. The club pays a fixed salary of even 500DKK (~ 70 EUR) for one evening of work, from €26 to €200 for stage performances and 15% from drinks as well as an exclusive bonus of holiday pay which amounts to 12.5% of the salary.

Night club in France invites GO-GO dancers profitably to earn and spend their summer. The club is located in the resort of Soustons in south France, so on your free time you will be able to relax on the sandy beach and in the evenings dive into the city nightlife.

"KUKLAdance" agency cooperating with the most famous night clubs in Europe presents a new, exclusive club in Luxembourg opening on 26 of February and inviting charismatic, attractive girls to work as the “image girls”. The club is located in the central city avenue of Luxembourg.


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