Club in Munich offers exclusive conditions for striptease dancer

Fixed salary is €50 per day,
Only 4 working days per week!
50% commissions for private dances and 30% commissions from drinks!
50% commissions from „Dollar tips“,
Salary is paid daily,
An open-ended contract duration!

Very stylish and luxuriously equipped club in Munich invites nice and adventurous girls to work as strippers and offers to join the excellent dancers team of the club and friendly staff. The nightclub offers a very good working conditions and competitive salary, helps to arrange employment documents and provides girls with nicely furnished apartments. This exclusive nightclub in Germany is famous for their beautiful dancers, so the club sets high standards for each new girl. Club’s cozy and relaxing environment constantly attracts a vast flow of customers. If you are interested in this offer and want to try the best club in Munich, please fill in the application here or contact us by e-mail [email protected] and we continue to take care of everything.


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"KUKLAdance" – recruitment agency, offering optimal job offers for striptease, topless dancers and hostess!