Club Job for dancers in Switzerland

Modern and spacious club, located in mountainous Switzerland is looking for adventurous girls who want to strip. This is one of the few clubs in Geneva, which strictly forbids any intimate services. Club ensures the best work conditions and great working atmosphere. Fixed salary of 50 Chf (~€46.60) is paid for one working evening. Dancers have excellent opportunities to significantly increase their earnings with private dances, since they get 50% of total dance sum and 20% from sold drinks. Club provides not only profitable payment, but also free of charge accommodation in fully furnished apartments near club.
Club in collaboration with “KUKLAdance” agency offers girls an exceptional chance to see Switzerland’s night life at close and together with the club start the spring season profitably!
Geneva club does not require a lot of experience in dancing; it gives preference to adventurous, communicative and self- confident girls. Switzerland – a country, famous for its high living, so the rich club’s clients will definitely help you earn well. Unlimited earnings, invaluable experience and a great working atmosphere wait for girls in Geneva.

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