Night club in Switzerland for go-go dancers

International night clubs’ network "PACHA" club in Switzerland invites attractive GO-GO dancers. The dancer receives a fixed salary of €100 for every evening she works; it is paid every week. The dancer performs 5-6 stage performances during one working evening; the duration of one performance is 15 minutes. The club also provides dancers with free of charge apartments in 4-star hotel (+ free internet and free meal), which belongs to "PACHA" club network; the club also pays forward and back travel expenses. The minimum duration of the contract is 2 weeks. The dancers are not encouraged to drink alcohol; club is strictly forbids any intimate services. On time salary and safe working conditions are guaranteed by this club. Become a part of the popular night club network "PACHA", start your dancing career profitably and experience unforgettable feelings in the mountainous Switzerland!

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