Job for dancers in Austria | Striptease, topless, hostess job

Strip dance job in Austria city Vienna

Strip dance job in Austria Vienna.
Stylish, contemporary and modern nightclub in Vienna invites charming girls to work as striptease dancers. The nightclub welcomes not only professional dancers, but also unexperienced girls, who are trained in the club all the subtleties of the dance. The club is located in the center of the Austrian capital of Vienna, one of the most beautiful areas of the city. This club stands out for its elegance, luxury and a cozy atmosphere. The club is very spacious, two-storied and various programs take place in the club which leads to the huge popularity among the club’s customers and city guests. This club was designed by famous European professionals in order to make club cozy and pleasant for customers. The club's main priority - pleasant service, so this club for many years, is the most popular club in the top of the list. Striptease dance job in Vienna!
Fixed salary of €55 and salary from sold drinks.
Accommodation €12.
Minimum duration of the contract is 1 month.


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