Job for dancers in Denmark | Striptease, topless, hostess job

Strip dance job in Denmark - Copenhagen.
The nightclub, situated in the Danish capital Copenhagen attracts customers with its cozy and modern environment. The club, working already 30 years is surrounded by 4 and 5-star hotels and three years ago, new owners of this club have made it more attractive for local residents and visitors of the city. The club invites you to join its friendly staff and offers a job for strippers. The preference is given to only the professional dancers, but also brave, communicative and self-confident girls who do not have an experience in the dance field. The club provides accommodation in a 3-star hotel in the city center close to the club; the club also prepares all the necessary documents for an employment.
Salary of performances and from drinks.
Accommodation €23/day.
Minimum duration of the contract is 2 weeks.
In the Kingdom of Denmark stands national taxation on all income.

Job offer for striptease dancers in Denmark - Copenhagen.
For 20 years working and internationally known prestigious nightclub, located in the Danish capital Copenhagen, offers a job for communicative, energetic and charming strippers with a similar working experience. Only dancers from European Union countries can work in this club. The club is very comfortable and especially popular among dancers due to warm and friendly atmosphere. The club job offers a high salary, fully furnished accommodation and all social guarantees. This club is one of the most famous and the most profitable clubs in Denmark. Such an excellent working environment can offer only a few clubs, located in one of the richest European countries.
The dancer works the minimum of five evenings per week.
Salary for dance and drinks.
Accommodation 100 DKK (€13) per day.
Minimum contract 1 month.

Strip dance job in Denmark Aalborg.
The new night club, offers a job for lovely striptease dancers with exceptionally good working conditions and high earnings. The club is located in the third largest Danish city of Aalborg, on the busiest street with many bars, night clubs, restaurants and shops. It's a place always full of people and nightlife.
Salary of performances and from drinks.
Accommodation free of charge.
Minimum duration of the contract is 2 weeks.


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