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Strip Dance job offer in France - Paris I

Stripdance job offer in France - Paris.
The nightclub of the international club network, known as one of the most popular clubs in Europe invites self-confident, determined young women to work as striptease dancers. The club is two-storied and is very spacious (800 sq.m); it also has three stages. The club often arranges various theme parties, famous DJs come to the club, so the club is very popular among locals and city guests. The club offers excellent working conditions and selects only the best girls. 30 to 50 dancers work in this nightclub. The club has ticket exchange system; the club also provides girls with the hotel suite with all the amenities close to the club.
The dancer works the minimum of four evenings per week.
The payment is paid at the end of the contract.
This club does not pay the dancer percentage for drinks.

Job for striptease dancers in France Paris II.
Exclusive, extravagant and colorful nightclub in Paris that exists already for 10 years, invites entertaining and charming girls to work as strippers. The club is located near the Champs-Elysees avenue - the prestigious Parisian avenue, known around the world for a number of luxury shops and called one of the most beautiful avenues in the world. The club often hosts various theme parties, and the bonuses are given by the club for creative dancers who prepares individual performances! As distinct from other clubs, this club applies "dress code": on certain days the girls have to be dressed in dresses, other days - wear only underwear suits, and one day is a "white" day - dedicated to white color. The nightclub provides all the girls with the fully furnished apartments near the club with free room cleaning services.
The dancer works minimum 5 working evenings per week.
Topless stage performances.
The payment is paid at the end of the contract.
The minimum duration of the contract – two weeks or 1 month.

Job offer for hostess in France, Metz

Job for hostess in France - Metz.
A cozy, small nightclub in Metz city of France, offers a job for hostess. The job of the hostess is a fun and enjoyable communication with the club's customers; in order them to buy the more expensive drinks. The girls receive percent from sold drinks. The club offers the shortest - 2 weeks contract and provides girls with free apartments. Metz is located near Luxembourg (about 70 km). Metz distinguishes from other French cities by its authentic beauty, ancient buildings, castles and amphitheater remains.
Hostess works minimum 5 work evenings per week.
A fixed fee of €50 is paid every week and salary for drinks.
Minimum duration of the contract is 4 weeks.


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