Job for dancers in Germany | Striptease, topless, hostess job

Job for striptease dancers in Munich.
Nightclub in the city of Munich, in Germany, which works for 10 years and belongs to the network of night clubs invites charming, confident young women to work as striptease dancers. The club is even found its way to the television and film industry because of the scenes filmed in the club. The club’s environment is very subtle and luxurious. The club provides girls with the apartments with all the amenities (Internet, home appliances) during the period of the contract. Dancers, who wish to work in this club, must have a certificate of individual activity.
Fixed salary for one working evening paid is €50.
Salary for dances and from drinks.
Minimum duration of the contract is 2 weeks.

Strip dance job in Germany - Munich.
Very stylish and luxuriously equipped club in Munich invites nice and adventurous girls to work as strippers and offers to join the excellent dancers team of the club and friendly staff. The nightclub offers a very good working conditions and competitive salary, helps to arrange employment documents and provides girls with nicely furnished apartments. This exclusive nightclub in Germany is famous for their beautiful dancers, so the club sets high standards for each new girl. Club’s cozy and relaxing environment constantly attracts a vast flow of customers.
Fixed salary is €50 per day.
Only 4 days a week!
50 percent for dances and 30 percent from drinks!
Unlimited contract duration!

Job offer for striptease dancers in Hamburg.
A small, but very cozy nightclub in Hamburg invites girls / dancers to work as strippers. The club is located in a busy central street of Hamburg, which is always full of nightlife. Locals bravely say that Hamburg - one of the loveliest cities in the world, which reminds Venice by its beauty and abundance of canals. Since the club is small, it employs only 3-5 girls, but due to the excellent atmosphere and cool staff, the club is very popular among locals and tourists. The club offers a short - two weeks contract, the percentage from stage dances, private dances and drinks and apartments above the club.
The dancer performs topless stage shows.
Fixed salary of €70.
Dancers receives 50 percent from private dance and
25 percent from sold drinks. Accomodation €10 / day .

Job offer for topless, striptease dancers in Sonthofen.
The club is located in a small, but very beautiful Western Germany town of Sonthofen, which is located next to military base. Therefore, this club is very popular, because most of the club's customers are locals, German and English soldiers and tourists. The club is always waiting for new girls and offers a job for striptease dancers. The club has a pool and play area, where dancers can communicate with club’s clients and enjoy drinks during their spare time.
The dancer gives topless stage shows.
Fixed salary.
Salary for dances, from drinks.
Free accommodation.
Minimum contract is two weeks.

Job for striptease dancers in Hannover.
The Western style nightclub invites girls to join their great team and offers to work as striptease dancers. The club has only topless stage performances. The club is very spacious, modernly furnished, with very cozy VIP areas and great scenes. The club team is extremely friendly and helpful, so girls always feel very good at the club. The club is located in the city of Hannover, which is famous in Europe as a great place for shopping.
Fixed salary for one working evening paid is €60.
Dancers are paid 50% of the collected tips.
Minimum duration of the contract is two weeks .


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