Job for dancers in Greece | Striptease, topless, hostess job

Striptease, topless dance job offer in Athens.
Nightclub in Athens, capital city of Greece invites girls to join their team and work as topless dancers. The club is very spacious and a large stage will allow each of the dancer feel like a queen. The club operates with two pay systems, so the girls can choose the most suitable system. The club daily arranges thematic parties, and special performances heat the customers’ blood on weekends. This nightclub of Athens is the largest and always rich of clients, because after all, Athens - is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world, attracting lots of tourists with its authenticity throughout the year.
The dancer works the minimum of six evenings per week.
A dancer performs topless shows.
€50 fixed evening salary and 40 percent from sold drinks.
Minimum duration of the contract is 1 month.

Job for topless dancers in Greece.
The night club in Zakynthos island of Greece which opens only during the summer season invites girls to spend summer vacation on the island and offers a job for topless dancers. Although the island of Zakynthos is not well known, but it has all: beautiful beaches, spectacular landscapes, good restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other tourist attractions. The club itself is situated in the most famous island resort - Laganas, which is full of rich entertaining life and most of the tourists that arrive in Zakynthos island stay here.
Dancer works minimum 6 work evenings per week.
Fixed salary is €70.
Salary for dances and from drinks.
Accommodation €5 / day.
Minimum contract is one month .


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