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Strip dance job offer in Malta Lap dance
Strip dance job offer. The nightclub, located in the heart of Paceville, is identified as one of the most popular clubs, where tourists, locals and business people come to relax and have fun. The club organizes different events every week, so this club is always full of new clients. This nightclub is always open to girls who want to be strippers, and invites them to dive into the continuous nightlife. Malta is one of the most favorite touring islands in the Mediterranean, where tourists come all year round from all over the world. The young people also having fun in the city of Paceville, which attracts all by its wild nightlife and a great holiday destination for the youth.
The dancer works the minimum of five or six evenings per week.
Fixed salary of €35. “Lap dance ” stage performances.

The minimum duration of the contract is one month.
English language for dancers is essential.


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