Job for dancers in Switzerland | Striptease dance, topless dance, hostess job

Job offer in Switzerland for strip dancers

Job offer for strip dancers in Switzerland.
Beautiful, large and luxuriously furnished nightclub offers a job for brave and self-confident striptease dancers. Your job involves tempting topless stage performances and private dance performances. The club is located near the largest city of Switzerland, in Zurich, and is popular among our dancers, because this nightclub employs only girls from European countries (the club does not take girls from Romania, Russia, Belarus and Bulgaria). The club offers you a very lucrative income opportunities, gives you free apartments and additional exclusive amenities (club’s car for girls) working in the most expensive European heaven of Switzerland.
The guaranteed salary 3000 Chf (~ €2744).
50 percent from dances and 20 percent from drinks.
Free of charge accommodation.
Minimum duration of the contract is one month.

Job for striptease dancers in Switzerland

Strip dance job in Switzerland.
Night Club, located in the largest Swiss city of Zurich, invites gorgeous girls to join the club’s team and work as striptease dancers. The club guarantees girls not only excellent working conditions, a good salary, but also free of charge apartments. The club is famous for its exclusive atmosphere - warm lighting, cozy niche, well-lit scenes, and live music evenings in the club create a great feelings and impression. We, “KUKLAdance” agency, in cooperation with the club offer you not only a profitable job as a stripper, but also a great opportunity to get acquainted with one of the most beautiful Swiss city of Zurich, which is full of the stores selling world's foremost designer brands.
The fixed salary is 80 CHF (about €74).
A dancer get 15% from sold drinks and 15% from the private dance.
Accommodation: Free of charge.
Contract duration: Minimum one month.

Strippers/topless job in Switzerland

Strip/topless job in Switzerland.
A modern and spacious club located in the heart of Zurich is looking for charming girls who want to dance a striptease. This club belongs to a part of a strong network of nightclubs with even three nightclubs in the largest cities of Switzerland. Only TOPLESS stage performances are performed in these clubs. The club strives to provide the dancers with the best working conditions and a great atmosphere during work and also provides accommodation in neat and contemporary apartments next to the club. The club does not require much experience in the field of dance, giving preference to courageous, communicative and self-confident girls. Switzerland is a country well known for its high standard of living, so the main clients of this club with higher incomes will surely help you to make a profitable profit.
The fixed monthly salary is 3000 Chf (120 Chf/day).
Salary from drinks.
Accommodation: 200 Cfh per month.
Contract duration: Minimum one month.


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