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Do you want to work for prestigious European night clubs, but do not like to dance? It is great, because besides working as a stripper or topless dancer girls can work as hostess too. The main work of hostess is to use their charm and charisma and friendly communicate, flirt and dance with club clients, in order to make them buy the best drinks in the club for hostess.
There is no doubt that hostess working in the night club has a lot of opportunities to expand their circle of contacts, to meet various show business representatives from all over the world, to find new friends, and maybe even find her one and only.

Clubs often organize various thematic parties, which attract well known entertainers and influential guests, and give an opportunity to discover new perspectives for the future. The flexible work schedule allows girls to combine work and personal life, so girls working for our agency have a great chance not only to earn money, but also to travel.
The main requirements for girls willing to work as hostess in our agency are: a good physical features, age, fluent English and communication skills. If a girl speaks more than one foreign language – it is a definite and huge advantage in order to work as hostess and make greater money.
It is important to be willing and be able to communicate, because the main duty of hostess is to interact with the guests of the club, and not only represent appearance. We prefer girls with a similar experience, but charming and charismatic girls are always welcome!

Contrary to the prevailing public attitude, the hostess in any way does not make any intimate or sexual services.Our girls are completely safe working in European night clubs, because the clubs strictly prohibits any sexual services, and the employment contracts with the girls are immediately terminated when this rule is violated. Our agency recognizes that sexual services are illegal, and we are not offering such work in any way. Our job offers for hostess are completely safe and legal, as well as the employment, we can ensure a professional approach to all of our girls.

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