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"KUKLAdance" – recruitment agency, offering optimal job offers for striptease, topless dancers and hostess! We have already proved, that the dancer’s profession is profitable.
"KUKLAdance" agency started its activity in 2012 and gained a lot of experience working in entertainment business and cooperating with trusted, good reputed and popular night clubs. We offering the best job offers satisfying every girl’s needs in those clubs across Europe. For girls who can’t live without night spree and competitive salary we offer job positions of striptease and topless dancers. And girls, who don’t like stage performers, but love art of flirtation, know how to use their charisma and communication skills can always work as hostess.

Every girl has a great opportunity to choose not only the preferred club, but her dream country or city which she wanted to visit.
"KUKLAdance" agency works responsibly and takes care of dancers/image girls and guarantees safety, legal work, good and timely salary, accommodation, all social guarantees and the invaluable experience in the best night clubs! We strongly emphasize that any sexual services are absolutely prohibited; in case this prohibition is violated, the work agreement with the girl is immediately terminated.

"KUKLAdance" job offers for dancers and image girls can give not only great salary, but also very flexible work schedule. Unlike all other jobs, you can work in the club for two weeks, month or even longer. That is really great and the majority of European night clubs accept such a flexible schedule, which is ideal for every girl’s holiday or combining it with the studies. We provide a large range of world corners where girls want to work. "KUKLAdance" in cooperation with night clubs in Europe offers jobs in Italy, Greece and Malta ( for girls who love hot sun and blue sea), and for girls who want good money we offer jobs in Denmark, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Norway and other countries. Such a broad choice is the invaluable opportunity to visit various countries, their capitals, the most beautiful places, to know various customs and share indelible impressions.
Do you want to spend your most memorable years working your dream job to experience unforgettable adventures in life? Or maybe you want just to work your favorite job and travelling to the most beautiful European corners? "KUKLAdance" agency will help each of the dancer/hostess to realize their dreams without any agency fee.

Join the best and the strongest with "KUKLAdance" !


For your convenience, write your questions in the table below. Please send clear photos (full height and profile), corresponding to your current appearance and suitable for your desirable job position. Please be assured that all your personal data and filled in questions are confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties in the future.

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"KUKLAdance" – recruitment agency, offering optimal job offers for striptease, topless dancers and hostess!

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