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There are more myths than facts about the work of striptease dancers. And although the strip dancers differs relatively little from the usual go-go dancers, however the main difference is particularly important and the possibilities of earnings are much higher. Current days filled with western spirit strongly persuade to completely change the approach to strippers. Strip dancers have uncommon courage and very high self-esteem. So the girls who are not afraid of challenges are welcome to join our agency and have a great opportunity to earn a competitive salary and to discover their own true vocation!

The main requirements for girls willing to work as strippers in our agency are a good physical features, age, good English and of course the desire to work! We offer to work in the most popular and favorite by clients and dancers European night clubs. This is a great opportunity not only to work and earn, but also to travel and have a good time visiting many news places and meeting new and interesting people. Priority is, of course, always is given for experienced girls. But if you do not have a similar work experience, we always can offer you a club for your new job and for gaining such an experience in order to provide you with the well paid job in our agency.
Night clubs in Europe offer an incredibly high salary for strip dancers. Such salary often makes girls wonder. The first salary allows them to relax and fulfill their own dreams or just start their independent and valuable life.

Our proposed job for strippers can not only offer a good salary, but also a very flexible work schedule, so this work is perfectly compatible with studies or personal life. The activity of our agency is legally and the offered job is legal, safe and validated by all the necessary documents. Also, we guarantee to keep girls’ data confidential and we do not reveal them to any third parties.

Do not miss a chance to change your life and become a part of "KUKLAdance" team!



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